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Modern & Sedentary lifestyle has leaded the society to a wide range of medical ailments & disorders.

Who We Are?

Shre Hari Enterprises, a leading Ayurved Pharma Products Marketing Company Based in Pune, aims at providing Holistic Ayurved formulated medicines to cure the modern ailment & disorders at large. We are branding, marketing & distribution high quality Ayurvedic Medicine Products across the country.

Our sincere serving approach has helped us evolve as trusted source of Ayurvedic Medicine. We focus on making superior quality product as per industry defined Pharma standards.

What We Do?

The fundamental aspect of Shre Hari Enterprises is to take holistic approach into account during diagnosis of medical problems face by the modern society & developing the ayurvedic formulation, which can cure the ailment.

Our continuous R & D efforts address the curing of medical ailments of common people. At, Shre Hari Enterprises, we believe in consistently pursuing excellence & innovation to meet the needs of our target audience.

Our Vision

The vision of the company is to focus on providing safe, natural, time tested and innovative products to help a common person lead richer, healthier lives. This indicates our dedication towards the society clearly.

Our Mission

To serve the society at larger by putting together ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, using modern techniques & make it available to society in simpler format.


Management Team

We have a dedicated team of Ayurveda experts & professionals operating under guidance of our visionary Founder Mr. Pranesh Kulkarni.
Email : pranesh.kulkarni@vedanamukti.com

The team is committed to the vision and company value system.
Research Panel Chief:
Dr. Vidyadhar Kumbhar
M. D. (Ayurved), PGCCR
Reg. No.: I-53305
Prop. Sunad Ayurved, Pune
Research Monitor, Target Institute, Mumbai
Trustee - Anandi Narayan Trust, Pune
Email : dr.vidyadhar.kumbhar@vedanamukti.com

Our Strengths

1) Focus on Need
We focus on real life medical issues faced by society at large. That becomes our reference point to create products which can cure those problems.

2) Premium Quality
Quality is our highest priority at all times

3) Ongoing R & D
We invest in R & D efforts to make sure that our efforts meet the products & its need

4) High Standard Manufacturing
We follow all prescribed standard defined by various authorized and recognized regulatory bodies.

5) Process Orientation
Efficient process ensure smooth supply chain for product, right from sourcing the raw material to the finished product

6) Distribution network
A wide distribution channel is created for timely delivery of products across the channels & customers

7) Customer Care
We believe in listening to customers and society at large. Customer feedbacks are reviewed at regular intervals & are integrated with our systems.

About Ayurveda

Much like the medicine of classical antiquity, Ayurveda has historically taken the approach of enumerating bodily substances in the framework of the five classical elements viz. earth, water, fire, air and aether.

Ayurvedic Medicine has no side effects & it cures the disease from the root cause

Ayurveda states that a balance of the three elemental substances, the Doshas, equals health, while imbalance equals disease. There are three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda states that each human possesses a unique combination of these doshas which define this person's temperament and characteristics. Each person has a natural state, or natural combination of these three elements, and should seek balance by modulating their behavior or environment. In this way they can increase or decrease the doshas they lack or have an abundance of respectively. Prakriti is one of the most important concepts in Ayurveda.

About Vedanamukti

“Vedana Mukti” is the first classical introduction of intense efforts by Shre Hari Enterprises.

As the name indicates, Vedana Mukti, sustainable pain relief, is a formulation of 18 Ayurvedic Herbs into tablet format. Vedanmukti is specially formulated to relive various types commonly found of body pain disorders.

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Our Profile

Shre Hari Enterprises, a leading Ayurved Pharma Products Merketing Company Based in Pune, aims at providing Holistic Ayurved formulated medicines to cure the modern ailment & disorders at large.
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About Vedana Mukti

For Knee Pains, Knee Attrition, Joint Swelling, Waist Pains etc.. is best resulting unique Ayurvedic Medicine - Vedana Mukti..
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Contact Us

For more information, please feel free to Contact @
+91 9850 409 996
Email : enquiry@vedanamukti.com
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